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The last time I saw Alejandro Nuñez Ferrara was two years ago in Spring. Alejandro produces music under the name Zutzut. Lauro Robles, Paul Marmota, Tomás Davó and, Alberto Bustamante, and Alejandro were in town for Coachella parties, and shows in LA. I picked them up from Hollywood, and they all piled into my car. We were on our way to Mustache Mondays which is obligatory if you are a traveling producer or dj. Later that night I dropped them off on the darkest street possible in Lincoln Heights.

When I was in Mexico City in December I did not realize Alejandro was in Monterrey where he is from. NAAFI is comprised of members in and out several places. Alejandro had come to Los Angeles to dj a bizarrely booked book fair after party. Zutzut played a show with Haxan Cloak who cleared the room with a beautiful torture set. That Sunday we met up, and I took Alejandro around the city. I took him to Pico, Westlake, Koreatown and back up north to Echo Park where he was staying. Most of this took place in conversation followed up email.

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When did you start producing music?

In 2009 when I lived in Mexico City.

How has your production changed from then to now?

Well it has lots, obviously in the technical aspect in how I find a sound, when I began I had an interest in making music focused directly for the club and right now it is not my main objective.

NAAFI is a world wide sound with an emphasis (but not limited to) music from south of the United States. Are there certain rhythms or sounds from specific regions you are interested in?

Well for a long time I have had a special interest in Puerto Rico and Panama. Right now I really like this new generation of baile funk in Brazil. It seems cool to me that they produce really raw and very strong rhythms with only three parts in their tracks.

What forms of music are you currently exploring?

Right now I am interested in finding the meeting point between what is contemplative and danceable. I don’t have in mind to produce a new sound specifically but definitely I am always looking for new combinations.

Is there anything you actively look into besides music that helps you make work?

I am a painter, and I feel that with my work compliments my sound. My environment definitely impacts what I make, now there is lots of bad energy in my city (Monterrey). well like the rest of the world. I like to think that I am channeling to convert that into something positive or at least relevant.

When did you become involved with NAAFI?

I met them around 2009 and they invited me to join in 2010.

Describe life in Monterrey.

It has become fairly flat in recent years. The people in general are very conservative, everything revolves around the labor industry.

How did the drug war affect life and music?

Well lots of people as in my case started to produce more music due to having to stay home, including the sound of the producers in Mexico has changed. Especially those who live in cities most affected; they closed almost all of the clubs and the consumption of new sounds. What has remained standing (has almost been closed as well).

What is the sound there and where is it going?

In reality I want to say that I am part of any movement or sound specifically, but in my opinion the producers making tribal are the most substantial (group) that the city has. I think that they are going to grow in many aspects in the years that come.

Is Club Viral the night there?

Basically Club Viral was born out the need to have a space for sounds more experimental and for more diverse people. It is very difficult to get a venue if you don’t play house techno in Monterrey. We do not have the ambition to be the main party in the city, but yes we want to create spaces outside the established system of current decadent night life.

Do you take different approaches when making a mix? Which has been your favorite you have made? Favorite from NAAFI?

Yes definitely, you have lots to explore within the investigation of what you are working on in that moment, creating new bridges. I don’t have a favorite (of mine), but I just made a mini mix called Toxicidad that was very inspired by the vibe in my city. My favorite from NAAFI is the Paul Marmota Tardeada Mix.

What Djs or producers are you feeling now?

Nidia Minaj, Toxe, Sami Baha, LSDXOXO, and Alfonso Luna are producers that I am listening to a lot lately to name a few.

How do feel when you come to a Los Angeles a place with the largest Mexican identifying community?

I really like the energy in LA. I respect and I am very influenced by Mexicans living in the US. They are definitely very distinct. The feeling is not like how I feel at home. I think it bothers that me everything is so programmed that if you are of a certain ethnic group are destined to consume specific market.

Production on:

Well it was very free, it was part of project called El Pack Vol 1 that I freely worked with samples. Jale en Monterrey is used to talk about labor work. It is like a mantra of labor production and speaks a bit about the neo slavery that exists, that ended up in Dominican Republic. It also was about a mix feelings that entered my city and that island.

This bootleg is basically a tool for the club, I had wanted to do something with an acapella of Yaviah that is one of the hardest from underground Puerto Rico.

Came out of my obsession with the original track and my search to make brides between what is contemplative, experimental, and danceable as I mentioned earlier.

A Fuego was my first track it was inspired by Mexico City. The audio quality is not the best, but I have a fondness for it.